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The Rainbow Bridge – Poem by Frederick Kesner

in the sky
on a moist day
you may spy
a rainbow
hanging high

let that always
remind you
one shining
moment true
promise renew

The Rainbow Bridge – Poem by MaryAnne Willis

Hues of gold and silver; tints of scarlet and green
rainbow bridge, my heart strings you wrench
Your colors timeless; undivided; pace less
Yesterday; but today’s memory;
Tomorrow; but today’s dream…

Timeless memories; timeless me
Awaken me bridge! ! as your path I now tread! !
As I bask in colors of silver and gold
Your scarlet and green mend my ever shaken being

A dream I wish, a dream come true
Dream weaver, draw near… abandon me not…
Dream me a fairy tale trance, a dance
Entwine me, embrace me; weave into my soul

Of Alice in wonderland, snow white and her team
A Mexican hat dance, a Spanish lullaby
Lets glide through the milky way
Pick the stars of our choice
A peak at Jupiter a wink at Venus and Mars! !


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