Oskar Fischinger – Optical Poem (1938) Art – An Optical Poem

Oskar Fischinger Optical Poem : Optical Poem, an abstract piece of stop-motion history, was made in 1938 by German-born Oskar Fischinger. oskar fischinger wax experiments,oskar fischinger fantasia.

Oskar Fischinger Optical Poem

oskar fischinger

On January 31, 1967, Oscar Fasinger died in Los Angeles, California. He was a German essence animator, film producer and painter, credited for making the first music video fifty years before the presence of computer graphics. His artistic career path can be traced between Frankfurt – where he worked with three-dimensional modeling material such as colored liquids and wax and clay; Munich – where he continued to experiment with his “wax slicing machine” and prepared his first abstract films with the use of various techniques, including many projectors; Berlin – After, after establishing his studio, he started collaborating with various films, animation and special effects projects such as director, for example, Fritz Lang; And Hollywood – where his initial successful and comfortable career in Paramount Pictures had a suppressive effect on his artistic vision.


Optical Poem


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