National Chip and Dip Day 2018 Celebrate, History

National Chip and Dip Day 2018 : This day speaks my language – National Chip and Dip Day! When I have friends and family over, I always try to add protein to most everything I serve. national chip and salsa day, national dip day 2018, dip day at work, national chip day, when is national dip tobacco day, national tortilla chip day, national chips and salsa day 2018.

National Chip and Dip Day 2018 – Celebrate National Chip & Dip Day

Chips and dip are food of chips or crips that are served with dip. Chips are used in potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, bean chips, vegetable chips, beaten chips, cetine chips and others. Crackers are also sometimes used, such as crudees, which are whole or chopped raw vegetables, were used to do different types of chips with different types of chips.

National Chip and Dip Day 2018

During the 1950s, chips and plunge in the United States during the 1950s, due to the Lipton advertising campaign for their French onion dip recipe, it gained great popularity, sometimes called “California Dip” Was there. During this time special trays and serving dishes designed to catch both chips and dip were made chips and dips are often offered during the Super Bowl American football game in the United States. On March 23, the annual chip and Dip de America are annually.

Celebrate National Chip and Dip Day

This day speaks my language : national chip and dip day! When I have friends and family, I always try to add protein to everything I serve. This is the reason that I make a cheese bean dip not only there is protein in cheese and sour cream, but as well as beans.

Serve some heavy depots : Dips in which meat and heart layers of vegetables include a satisfying meal. Together with father or nun, these dip will be like eating a sandwich, taco or berto.

Do not forget sweet dipes : Nile wafers, graham crackers, and presets make excellent chips to pair with a sweet dessert. This pumpkin fluff dip is super tasty and it takes a few minutes to whip it.

Make a fruit dip : guests will appreciate the lighters dip on the healthy side. A bowl of finely chopped fruit will serve as a dip, but can be eaten without chips even if guests need a break from all crunching. Baked Totilla slices with a drop of cinnamon and sugar feel like this dessert.

History of National Chip and Dip Day

The popularity of chips and plunge during the 1950s, due to the change in the style of recreational in the suburbs during the 1950s and due to the use of Lipton’s immediate dehydrated onion soup mix, due to the Lipton Advertising Campaign Has increased till Advertising campaigns took place on television and at supermarket display advertising, and encouraged by mixing soup mix with sour cream or cream cheese to make a dip to be served with potato chips or crude. This dip became known as the California Deep. Advertising campaigns realized significant success and after that new, similar dip products were developed instantly. During this time, unique planners designed for chips and dip service were created, in which several types of chips were allowed to be stopped and service variations were prepared, in which bread bowls or hollow out fruit Dip was used.


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