K. L. Saigal Biography, Celebrated with a Google Doodle

K. L. Saigal Biography : Kundalalal Saigal, often shortened as KL Saigal (April 11, 1904 – 18 January 1947), was an Indian singer and actor, considered to be the first superstar of the Hindi film industry, during Saigal’s time during Kolkata Centigrade, but is currently centered in Mumbai.

K. L. Saigal Biography, History and k l saigal death

Much name kl Before he heard about Saigal’s public about Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna, he confirmed an image governing a superstar’s screen. There is not much to know about the achievements of this great personality and his contribution to the Hindi film industry. Kashmiri L. Sehgal is undoubtedly India’s first superstar whose charisma and magic are still alive and continues to inspire budding talent. Born as Kundan Lal Sagal in Jammu on April 11, 1904, he inspired the legends like Kishore Kumar and Mukesh to make a copy of his style to make his mark in the industry before developing his signature tones. Their songs are evergreen and are still adamant even to this day. To learn more about K. L. Saigal’s life history, read this biography below.

K. L. Saigal Biography

K.L. Saigal had started singing at a very young age and his mother used to take Sufi-Pir Salman Yusuf of the Yevite sect. His father, Amarchand Segal, was appointed in the court of Maharaja Pratap Singh. At the age of twelve, K.L. Saigal sang Mira Bhajan in the King’s Court. The Maharaja was really impressed and asked to bless him that he had a bright future. His father was disappointed when he came to know that his son wanted to sing and got out of school.

Career at New Theatres

Early in the 1930s, Harishchandra Bali, the classical composer and music director, wrote KL. Saigal to Calcutta and R. C. R.C. Borell immediately liked his talent Segal to B. N. The film studio New Theaters located in Calcutta, Sircarka, kept on the contract of Rs. 200 per month there, he got Pankaj Mulik, K.C. Comes in contact with contemporary people like Day and Hill Sanyal.

Meanwhile, the Indian gramophone company released Saigal’s record with some Punjabi songs made by Harishchandra Bali. In this way, Bali became Saigal’s first music director. The first movie in which Saigal played was the movie ‘Anubhush Ki Anosu’, after which Subhash’s star and alive zombies were all released in 1932. However, these films did not do very well. Saigal used the name Segal Kashmari for his first three films and used his own name, Kundan Lal Sagal (K. L. Saigal) from Ladki (1933) of Yudhi. In 1933, four bhajans sung by Saigal for the full Bhagat film created sensation throughout India. Other films that followed were Jeddah’s warrior, Chandidas, Rupalakhana and Karwan-e-Hayat. As a boy, Lata Mangeshkar has said that she is K.L. Want to marry? After watching his performance in Chandidas (1934) Saigal in 1935, Saigal played the role defining his acting career: In Devdas, the title character of Sharaabi, based on the novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya and P. C. Barua [8] His songs became popular all over the country in Devdas (1935), “Balam Aaya Bose More Man Main” and “Dekh Ka De Din Beatat No”.

Saigal picked up Bengali very well and starred in seven Bengali films produced by new theaters. Rabindranath Tagore first heard Saigal for the first time before agreeing to sing a non-Bengali singing song. Saigal finished his entire Bengal through his 30 Bengali songs.


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