21 Way to Say I Love You – Cute Ways to Say I Love You

21 Way to Say I Love You : Why is it so difficult to say I love you sometimes? Or to be romantic, just for the sake of it? I don’t know if you’re like me, but I feel this unexplainable urge to be hopelessly romantic yet don’t always know how to express it in a way that feels right. how to say i love you for the first time, cute ways to say i love you for the first time, 21 way to say i love you, cute ways to say i love you in a text.

21 Way to Say I Love You – Most Romantic Way To say I Love You

1. Every day I look at you and feel love and inspiration.

2. I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without you.

3. I had an amazing time with you.

4. You are the person I want to spend my life with – my soul mate.

21 Way to Say I Love You

Romantic Way To Say I Love You

5. I wish I was there to see you.

6. I saw the best and worst in you and I’m willing to stay.

7. You are the sunshine in my day and the moonlight of my nights.

8. You are a blessing in disguise I will never forget.

9. You make my soul sing when you walk into a room.

10. What did I do to deserve someone as great as you?

11. When I wake up, I’m smiling, because it’s another day with you.

12. I reached for the things I couldn’t see and I caught you.

Cute Ways to Say I Love You In a Text

13. How did you become the utterly amazing person that you are?

14. It may not be happy ever after nor forever but I know we’re close.

15. I’m so excited that we have so much time to be with each other.

16. You give me all that you have and I promise to give you more than I could ever give.

17. I had the best and I let you slip away from me.

18. You are the best boyfriend/husband in the entire world.

19. I can now forgive myself for not being good enough for you.

20. I stopped dreaming about you. I hope you’re happy.

21. You give me reasons to keep myself together.


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